Concrete Countertops and Furniture

Suitable for interior and exterior use, our concrete countertops and furniture deliver strength, beauty and endurance.

 Extremely customizable, our countertops and furniture are limited only by the shape of the forms we use, so whether you want embedded roman ogee trim, aggregates or an logo engraved, we can pour it, color it and grind to to the perfect finish.


Advantages of concrete countertops and furniture:

 High Strength: Using multiple concrete mixes, we’re able to cover a 3,000-15,000 PSI range, depending on the finish and service level you need.

 Temperature Tolerance: From pots of boiling water, to trays fresh out of the oven, concrete countertops can withstand high temperatures, without melting, cracking or catching fire. While some sealers may need an update after exposure to high temps, many shrug it off

 Stain Resistance: Sealed concrete counter tops shrug off spills and stains from wine, food, oil and more.

 Endurance: Chip, scratch and crack resistant, concrete surfaces deliver more impact resistance than stiffer materials like granite, and when properly installed, deliver a service life of 20 years or more.

 Repairable: Unlike marble and granite, concrete counter and table tops can be repaired when damaged, so even when accidents happen, we can get your space looking like new.

 Many Shapes: Tables, countertops, coolers, fire pits and more, we’re only limited by the shape of our molds, and even then, we can usually figure out a way to make nearly anything you come up with.

 Inlays and Embedding: Glass, artifacts, old plates and even fiber optics can be set into concrete furniture and countertops, giving you a huge range of customizable options.

 Multiple Finishes: With a range of stains, dyes, grits, sealers and polishes available, concrete delivers a wide palette of choices, matching your home or commercial space perfectly.

Request a quote and we’ll walk you through the options to find you the best fit for your home or business.