Concrete Driveways, Patios and Exteriors

From smooth flat work to stamped patterns and intricate decals, we deliver high quality outdoor concrete overlays, acid staining and stamped concrete overlays to resurface your commercial or residential location, Whether it’s a patio, walkway, pool, side walks, surround or path.

Pitted Concrete: Chicago land weather can be very damaging to your concrete. Freeze thaw cycles, earth settlement or a poor installation can cause various surface damage and cracks. Let us provide a free consultation to help restore and rejuvenate your ugly concrete!

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Concrete Treatments and Finishes

Exterior Concrete Overlays: Overlays combine the strength of your existing slab with the plasticity of polymeric concrete, allowing us to transform your landscape with shape, texture and color.

Exterior Concrete Stamping: Using texture skins and stamps, we can transform your slab into antique cobblestone, flag stone, Travertine tile, slate, brick and more. Our huge palette of patterns can deliver the right look for your patio, walkway or pool surround.

Exterior Concrete Acid Washing: A powerful way to remove stains, restore color and rejuvenate concrete, our acid washing technique is fast acting and extremely effective.

Exterior Concrete Staining: Another popular choice, concrete staining utilizes the power of hydrocholoric acid to help stains penetrate the concrete surface and deposit their color evenly across the slab. This treatment very quickly creates a deep, rich tone and even color making is a very simple way to color your landscape.

Exterior Concrete Stencils: Intricate, multi-colored and tough enough to last through the elements, our exterior concrete stencils allow us to replicate nearly any design, so from classic designs to team and company logos, our work lasts for decades.

Exterior Concrete Engraving: Perfect for commemorating special events and locking your company’s name into stone, we use precision equipment to cut a wide range of designs in a variety of of locations.